Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

diving in Costa RicaScuba diving in Costa Rica is a fast growing tourist attraction. Costa Rica has long been seen as an exotic tropical destination, rich with wildlife and rainforests. The abundance of marine life is now beginning to be appreciated and the dive shops in the country are now beginning to catch up with the fantastic diving conditions. Leading the pack is Rocket Frog Divers, which can be found in the north western province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Other locations which are popular for diving in Costa Rica include one of the top diving destinations in the world, the Cocos Islands. These islands are only accessible by live aboard trips which take a 30+ hour journey off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica to this remote tropical paradise.

Map of Costa Rica

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Diving in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

rocket frog dive boat

The Pacific Express

rocket frog guanacasteScuba diving on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica can be broken down into three main categories. Local diving, the Catalina Islands, and the Bat Islands. This is the area of Costa Rica which is most famous for its diving and with good reason. Rocket Frog Divers can show you all of there is to see in this part of the country aboard their industry leading dive boat “The Pacific Express.” Located only a short drive from the Liberia International Airport (LIR) and minutes from the popular tourist beach town Playas del Coco, Rocket Frog is in an extremely convenient location.

Rocket Frog Divers Costa Rica

Diving the Bat Islands, Costa Rica

bat islands bull shark

The Bat Islands are located off the tip of Santa Rosa National Park. This area is a protected marine environment which means there are no fishing vessels allowed in the area. This has protected the area for the most part and is a big reason for the abundance of marine life that you will find in this area. While the area is best known for its big ticket items such as the bull shark and manta rays, their are other elements that are just as exciting for divers of any level and experience level.

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Diving The Catalinas Islands, Costa Rica

manta ray catalina islands

The Catalina Islands are located a quick 30 minute boat ride from Rocket Frog Divers location at Playa Ocotal aboard the Pacific Express. The Catalinas are perhaps most famous for the Pacific Giant Manta Rays which frequent these islands for several months of the year. There can also be huge schools of fish, several species of sharks, rays, and eels found at these sites. While it happens quite infrequently, this is also one of the best locations to spot the much sought after whale shark in Costa Rica.

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Local Diving Gulf de Papagayo, Costa Rica

sea horse costa rica

While many scuba divers who come to Costa Rica want the Catalinas and Bat Islands expeditions, the local diving in the Gulf de Papagayo can be absolutely stunning. Within only a few short minutes from the Rocket Frog dive shop location in Playa Ocotal there are over 25 dive sites which are good for finding a huge variety of marine life. You owe it to yourself to try out the local diving for at least a day of your Costa Rican diving vacation!

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Diving the Cocos Islands in Costa Rica

cocos island hammerheadsCocos Island is a ‘bucket list’ type diving location for avid scuba divers. Known for the encounters which are frequently had with large schools of hammerhead sharks and the vast quantity of marine life, Cocos Island is frequently ranked among the top 5 scuba diving destinations in the world. The only drawback (if you even consider it one), is that the Cocos are located a long boat ride from shore and that is the only way to get there. This certainly limits the crowds of divers which visit the location, however it does increase the cost of the diving. After travelling upwards of 30 hours by boat, you will arrive at the Islands and begin your diving.

UnderSea Hunter cocos island

UnderSea Hunter Group

We have chosen to work with the Undersea Hunter Group for our liveaboard dive vessel to the Cocos for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they offer customers the absolute best Cocos Island scuba diving experience possible. They operate two of the finest liveaboard vessels and employ a staff full of people who care about each and every customer. From the divemasters to the cooks and everyone inbetween, the people here know how to make your vacation epic!

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The DeepSee Submersible Experience

The DeepSee Submersible Experience is an incredible journey into depths where very few people have ever gone and it is only available through the UnderSea Hunter Group, the only liveaboard operator to the Cocos we use to book tours! There are two sites which are used for this experience. One of which travels as much as 1000 feet below the surface. For a truly unique experience you may never get the opportunity to embark on again, choose the DeepSee Submersible.

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A Unesco World Heritage Site

Cocos Island is widely known in the diving community for its fantastic diving. What may be less known is the history of the island. Long used by pirates as a stopping ground for fresh water and a place to stash treasure. There is well chronicled writings of pirates visiting the island and burying their treasure. There is carvings into rocks which help to validate these stories. Numerous treasure hunting expeditions have failed to turn up the estimated $300 million in loot.

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