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There is a very well known dive site which is a favorite among local dive shops in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. The name of this dive site is Punta Gorda or as it translates “Fat Point.” This was one of the divesites which we frequently visited while taking tourist diving with Rocket Frog Divers, when I was doing my divemaster internship. The place was always full of life. Several species of rays, sharks, harlequin clown shrimp, huge schools of fish, eels, and we even had a Pacific Giant Manta show up on one dive. While it never occurred when I was visiting, there have been whale sharks visit the site as well.

While doing my divemaster internship with Rocket Frog, I was very keen to try and pick up the language from the locals. Being a guy, one of the first things I learned from the guys was the swear words. Mature I know, but true. One of the words we covered was “puta” which in english can translate roughly to “b!tch.”

Blenny costa rica

Blenny found at Punta Gorda while diving with Rocket Frog Divers

So one day we were taking a group of divers out to the dive site from a University in San Jose. All younger people out for a good time and some great diving. My instructor told me it was a good time for me to practice my dive site briefings. So right off the bat I introduce the group to the dive site “Puta Gorda.” I get a bunch of laughs and asked to repeat the name of the dive site again. I of course comply thinking something may have got lost in translation. “Welcome guys to the dive site Puta Gorda. Today we will be doing a back roll off of the boat….” more laughter. I look up and my instructor is losing it. I now know I have done something stupid.

My instructor says “mannn. Its Punta Gorda with a N.”

It hits me. I get it.

I just introduced this dive site as “Fat B!tch” instead of Fat Point. An actual honest mistake brought on by the exclusion of one little letter.

Luckily we had a group of divers who weren’t offended and shared in the laugh with my instructor. If it was a boat full of families who spoke spanish it could have been a completely different ending.

Safe to say I now always make sure to pronounce my N’s fully when briefing that dive site!

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