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Scuba Diving Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Cocos Island is an uninhabited island located 550 kms off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. With an area of 23.85 square kms, the island is basically a rectangle in shape. Surrounded by deep waters and counter currents, the area is home to huge schools of hammerhead sharks, rays, and other marine life. Cocos Island is a scuba divers dream.

Due to it’s location the only way to access Cocos Island for diving is via liveaboard dive trips. The Undersea Hunter Group has been operating in this area since 1990 and is who we use to book customers with for Cocos Island scuba diving trips.

With two vessels (Sea Hunter and Argo) which are used year round to visit this premier diving destination, The Undersea Hunter Group has the vessels, the staff, and the experience to ensure you have the best possible vacation. Most dive trips are 10 days, however, there are some trips which can range up to 14 days depending on the itinerary. The Undersea Hunter Group, is active in researching whales, turtles and other marine life and sometimes hosts expeditions which specialize in these areas.

DeepSee Submersible

DeepSee Submersible

Another benefit of diving with Undersea Hunter Group is that on some dives they have the DeepSee Submersible Experience available. This allows divers to go far beyond any level they have ever gone before. The Submersible is made to go to depths of up to 1500 feet and there are dive sites at Cocos Island which are perfectly suited for this. You will get the chance to go where very few people have gone before and return in a comfortable, safe, state of the art machine. There is an additional charge for this experience and the DeepSee Submersible is only available on certain trips so please state your interest in this prior to booking.


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