The UnderSea Hunter Group has been operating in Costa Rica since 1990. From the start, they have focused on luxury diving expeditions on board the adventure and research vessels, Sea Hunter and the UnderSea Hunter. In 2008 the fleet expanded with a third vessel, the Argo, which is also host to a very unique adventure experience, the DeepSee Submersible. This new ship the Argo, allowed the fleet an even more luxurious option as well as allowing for expanded research into the deep waters around Cocos. The DeepSee Submersible routinely travels to 1000 feet and is truly a one of a kind experience for our guests.

While adventure diving has always been the Undersea Hunter Groups initial offering, they have also taken up great interest in getting involved in the filming and research industries. They frequently have guests who are shooting films and documentaries on board their vessels. The group at the Undersea Hunter Group are among the most respected scuba professionals serving the Cocos Islands and are always the first option for film producers interested in capturing the magic that is Cocos Island.

History of the Undersea Hunter Group
The Undersea Hunter Group has called Costa Rica home since 1990. From our inception, we have specialized in diving expeditions on board the adventure and research vessels Sea Hunter and Undersea Hunter. With a full global reach and the addition in 2008 of the DeepSee submersible and her mothership Argo, this vision has been extended to the deep ocean environment and continues to encompass film as well as numerous scientific missions.

The Fleet

Sea HunterMV Sea Hunter

The original benchmark for live aboard dive vessels. It is an incredibly stable riding ship which is very important as Cocos Islands are located some 300 miles off the coast of mainland Costa Rica. The MV Sea Hunter was originally built to help serve the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico
Many have crowned our Sea Hunter as the paramount, purpose-built live aboard vessel, the gold standard for all other dive boats. She is a superbly stable and robust craft, formerly a commercial dive-support vessel which was built to serve the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Sea Hunter has 10 guest cabins, each with their own private baths and offers ample space and comfort for a group of 20 passengers.
The Argo is the newest ship in the fleet and is the culmination of all that we have learned since beginning our live aboard dive operation over 20 years ago.
Argo is a lend of a work ship and a luxury yacht. The vessels was built in 2008 and features 8 spacious, well appointed staterooms.
This 130 foot vessel is also home to the DeepSee Submersible which is an experience that truly sets this group apart from any other operator serving Cocos Island.
undersea hunterUndersea Hunter
The Undersea Hunter is the smallest of the fleet measuring in at 90 feet in length. Don’t judge the Undersea Hunter too quickly though as this classic vessel offers both intimacy and charm. This vessel is regularly used for special projects. This boat is perfectly suited for your smaller group or your film or research charter. The working deck of the Undersea Hunter is actually the biggest of the fleet due to smaller interior common areas. The vessel offers 7 guest cabins which actually offer as much space or more than our larger ship Sea Hunter.